I’ve always lived in the quintessential Canadian city; too small to reliably be on everyone’s map, yet too large – and lacking any outward character or charm – to be an inviting location. It’s a sentiment that even locals agree with. Having traveled through the US and Canada, I see this unfortunate trend repeated often. So many places lack an overt incentive to visit them. Yet, objects of aesthetic pleasure exist covertly in these locations – sometimes only for a fleeting moment. By forcing oneself to navigate these landscapes, these scenes can be discovered. Here, photography acts as a patron searching through the shop-worn bargain racks of a department store; seeking that diamond in the rough. It's existence may have been disarmed by its surroundings, but when that object is viewed in an alternative context – through photographic composition, rather than the naked eye – it has the power to be just as captivating as any other sight.

Derek Boswell

©2017 by The Arts Collective.