Kathy Ure

As an OR nurse for many years and a gold medalist athlete I’ve always looked for ways to improve my heart and brain. 
Art found me. My Father  James Ure and his Father  were beautiful artist. I decided to work a part of my Brain I’ve not tapped into, hoping I inherited some of the amazing talent they both had. My first piece sold in less than 2 hours. I was not only shocked I was humbled by the outpouring of support by friends and family. 4 months after taking on my new dream of becoming an artist, 2 people commissioned me to paint for them. I feel so blessed people see beauty and the love I have threw my art. I’ve helped saved many lives. Now I put all that feelings in my art. To all the educated schooled artists out there.... I’d love your brain for a day. Giving back in life is important to me so I’d like to donate 20% of what I make back to this organization Thank you so much for enjoying art.

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