Danielle Timmers

Danielle Timmers is a graduate from the Fine Arts Advanced program at Georgian College. Fascinated by the world around us, Danielle examines imagery of form in our reality from cells to stars, reducing them to their basic patterns. Using oil painting techniques and scientific experiments, Danielle depicts the form and function of these natural details. As the universe was created randomly, void of plan and perfection, she uses this ideal to make her art mimic the unmethodical development of all. She makes the works as she is the creator of her own miniature universes.

Email address: dtimmers50@gmail.com 

Facebook: Danielle Timmers https://www.facebook.com/danielleispokemon

Instagram: @dimebagdanii https://www.instagram.com/dimebagdanii/?hl=en 

@neptuunian https://www.instagram.com/neptuunian/

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