Marilyn Evans

    Marilyn Evans has always been one to draw and began painting as a young child when she received a set of oil paints, brushes and a canvas from her mother’s friend who took note of her interest in art.

    She is primarily self-taught but has taken the opportunity to learn tips from local London artists such as Steve Tracy and Ken Jackson. and took a watercolour course at Fanshawe College. Using oils, acrylics or watercolours while attending to details Marilyn’s artwork provides realistic depictions of the world around us, from a simple flower to the complexity of a mountain scene. Her inspiration comes from her reverence for nature and is based on places she has experienced in Canada or abroad. She sold her first painting at age 11 and many of her works are found in homes and offices across Canada as well as in other countries.

    An avid volunteer Marilyn has donated many paintings to local agencies for funding raising purposes.

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